Anne and Bill Disselhorst have talked about opening a restaurant for years. They have both been in the business for years, but it wasn’t until they experienced Italy from the eyes of a local did they really believe that it would become reality.

They traveled to Italy in 2003 and ended up falling in love with it. The love was so great that they bought a small bombed out apartment and started an adventure that goes on to this day.

They were most impressed with the way their new friends live. The daily pace is slow the food is fresh and locally grown. Restaurants bars and cafes are places where people meet to talk and connect. People sit and relax.

At Fiore, Bill and Anne create an atmosphere of community where friends, neighbors, strangers and family come to relax, talk and connect with each other. Stop by today.

Fiore Market Cafe

1000 Fremont Avenue

South Pasadena, Ca 91030


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  • Liz

    I so enjoyed my recent visit that I was move to sing your
    praises on my blog.

  • Courtney White

    Fiore is where wonderful people come to connect
    and eat the best gourmet food on the planet.
    Thank you for creating this magical cafe!

  • John Chang

    Thanks again for the wonderful meal at your restaurant. you guys are wonderful, your restaurant is wonderful, and your food is also wonderful. my son and I had a blast and I walked away a happy man. I just had to leave a review on yelp.com.

  • Carmen

    I love Fiore in South Pasadena. I too traveled to Italy with my husband a couple of months ago, and we fell in love with it too. We did a lot of walking and enjoyed many restaurant bars and cafes when we were there. Once we got back to So. Pasadena, I was already missing the experience of the bars, but to my surprise when I found Fiore Market Cafe, met Anne and Bill, I felt like I was back to Italy. I have my favorite little table to sit at, while enjoying the delicious food and warm atmosphere. Thank you Anne and Bill for Fiore.

  • chechi

    I went to visit Fiore Market Cafe for the very first time today. I ordered the Short Rib Sandwich. This has to be one of the best sandwiches I have tasted in a long time. The bread was so fresh and the combination of the short ribs and asian cold slaw was a delight to my taste buds. The small salad that came with the meal was a perfect touch for my gourmet lunch. Seriously, you have to try this sandwich, it rocks!

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  • culturalcocktailhour

    My fiance and I ate a scrumptious meal at your restaurant this evening! We loved the vegetarian chopped salad, the lentil salad, the delicious soup, and the refreshing Rooibos Tea. (My fiance also enjoyed your wonderful cupcake and lemon bars) I have lived in Italy twice and your cafe embodies the oasis of tranquility found in European cafes. I will be back very soon! This is a gem in the Pasadena area.

  • Jinny

    I simply love the cafe that I just had to rave about it on my blog! I hope you don’t mind! Thanks for making dining such a wonderful experience! 🙂

  • Maureen

    Wondering if you cater?

  • David

    Just tried your place. Very nice. I can tell you use quality ingredients. And I appreciate the friendly service. Will definitely go back.

  • bill

    Where are your hours listed?

  • gilliangough

    When will the next pizza class be scheduled? Can’t wait!

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  • Jim Goltz

    My wife and I live in South Pasadena and, over the years have seen a number of restuarants and cafes occupy the small space adjacent to the Fremont Theater. But it was not until recently, during a city-wide music event that we dropped in for a quick dinner. We both had salads which were so good that we had to return and will continue to frequent this wonderful little place. There are sandwiches and soups and other delights as well. I may have to sign up for a bread making class.

  • Jo

    When will you serve your Pork belly and fig jam sandwich. I bought it for a friend and he still talks about it.

  • Marcella Missirian

    Do you have a newsletter? I’d love to sign up so I don’t miss your classes!

  • Carl

    Amazing food and atmosphere, thank you! Are small dogs allowed on the patio?

  • poderesanmartino

    Congratulations – wonderful site and still better recipes! Buone Feste – your Italian Cousin – A

  • mike toyoshima

    Good morning.
    Yesterday (Saturday) my daughter, Heather, and future son-in-law, Tedman, brought us to one of Tedman’s favorite restaurants, Fiore. There was a long line and the outside eating area was crowded. The fellow at the front of the long line, behind the counter, was smiling as he took many orders. When we got our chance to order, since we had seen no open eating spots, we asked ‘to go’, but the fellow said they would find us seating when our order was ready. True to his word, he himself got out from behind the counter, led us outside and moved tables and chairs to allow our group of four to sit together. We exchanged names – his is Bill, mine is Mike – and we sat gratefully to have a good meal, fresh and tasty. Heather and Tedman eat there so they told us about the unique features. During the meal, Bill came out several times to see how our meal was, or to adjust our order, and each time he mentioned my name.
    This morning, I was determined to find your email and give you some feedback regarding what I feel is good food and excellent service. Then I read your blogs quickly, all the way back to 2010, and see that some of the suggestions I was going to make (Why don’t you have a pizza class?), have been done several times over. I enjoy the photography and the comments, yes, but realize that, at heart, they reflect a desire to share – by teaching cooking techniques as well as sharing the beauty of people and fresh approaches to food – all in a generosity of spirit and through hard work.
    My son, Steven (who was not with us yesterday), and I teach basic sushi making…we enjoy that sense of community and excitement when everyone is learning to make something new, or perhaps learning new techniques for dishes their grandparents made.
    I am so grateful I learned about Fiore Market Cafe yesterday. Though I live ‘far’ away, in Whittier, I am hoping to visit again.
    I do customer service and find that often, folks are quick to point out failures or deficits, but I feel feedback should particularly be given when someone or their business is trying hard to do everything well. This is the reason I wrote this long ‘dissertation’ 😉
    Thank you, Bill and everyone at Fiore, for a great experience.

  • Virginia

    Hi Bill,

    The blue flower petal I showed you is from the borage plant which has culinary uses.

    All the best,

  • Meghan


    I was in last week and thoroughly enjoyed lunch at your cafe. Thank you for such an amazing time. I wanted to share with you what we are up to for Thanksgiving and hoped that you would contribute a gift certificate to your restaurant for a family in need. Thank you so much for the great work you are doing in the community.
    With gratitude,
    Meghan Fink

    The Pasadena Share A Meal Program is a collaborated effort with the Pasadena Sandwich Company, the Stephen E Fink Fund, Pasadena Unified School District, Pasadena Fire Department, Sydney Paige® Inc., and Remainders Creative Reuse. This program was designed to provide a hot Thanksgiving Day meal to over 100 families from our Pasadena community. The unique needs of these families have been identified by the Families in Transition Office of the Pasadena Unified School District and all are invited individually to the event via hand delivered invitations. This event is unique in the sense that we focus on feeding entire families in a sit down, restaurant-style environment where they are served their meals. Not only will we be serving them a delicious meal that will fill their stomachs and warm their hearts, but we will give them a safe, fun-loving, and stress-free environment where they can participate in activities like arts and crafts, enjoy a Photo Booth, and gather for a professionally taken family portrait. This day makes such a difference in the lives of these families and reminds us what Thanksgiving Day is truly about, remembering how blessed we are, being with family, and giving back. It is because of the generosity of our community of family, friends, and contributors that this event is possible. Every family will go home with a Blessing Bag filled with goods, services and certificates from all of your generous donations. Not only will they receive blessings on Thanksgiving but also throughout the year thanks to the Pasadena Families in Transition office who is happy to disperse these donations as needed.

    This year our Share A Meal program will take place on November 23, 2017. Please let us know how you would like to donate to our cause by emailing us at pasadenashareameal@gmail.com under the subject heading “SAM Donation.” Thank you so much for supporting us in our efforts here in Pasadena. If you would like to make an online contribution or volunteer your time, please copy and paste the following link into your browser: http://www.pasadenashareameal.com

    Thank you again for your continued support!

    All donations are tax deductible and we thank you in advance for your generous contribution.

    With all our gratitude,

    The Pasadena Share A Meal Team
    Tax ID #: 870636433

  • Laura T

    Hello. QUESTION: I come to your restaurant a couple times a month. I live a few blocks away. I am was wondering if I may tend your restaurant garden for you (of course for free). I’d love to deadhead the roses, geraniums and such. Just general cleanup and when you are not open, I would not be in your way. I will not pick anything for myself! I would be really grateful to have something lovely to do with all this isolation. I would keep everything very natural and not prune anything way back. I was raised by avid gardeners here in So Pas. I would bring my own bag and throw away what I trim. I’d like to water also if that was ok. Please let me know. Life will return to normal
    at some point, Laura 626-210-8164.

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