Fiore Farm Project




We have had no such luck finding a space to grow our garden into a farm. I know there are many vacant lots in the city, but I just don’t have the time to research it.

I think we will work to support the South Pasadena Community Garden project. They have secured a space on Magnolia off Meridian. The plans are being worked on and will be presented to the city for approval very soon.

Michelle Hammond a Fiore customer and friend is on the board and working very hard to get this project started. I will keep you updated on the progress.

They will need volunteers. If you are interested in helping out please let me know.



I have some extra compost/soil if anyone would like some. Bring a bucket and I will give you a few shovel fulls. I also have two tomato plants leftover from the garden planting party. If anyone would like them stop by.



here are a few photographs from the garden






Fiore Market Cafe Hours

We know there has been confusion about our closing hours. Back in October we changed our closing  hours to 5:00pm due to daylight savings time. This past Saturday we had the spring version of daylight savings time. Clocks were moved ahead an hour giving us more light at the end of the day. Normally we would return our closing time to 6:00pm, but this year we are not, at least for the present moment. We will continue to close at 5:00pm.  Sorry for the inconvenience.



Danielle and Simone


I have been meaning to post this picture for quite some time. This is Danielle and her daughter Simone. We met Danielle before Fiore opened while we were doing construction. Danielle would stop to check our progress while walking with her children.

They come often to Fiore and we are so happy when they do. They feel like family.

Simone and Spencer love the grill cheese. Danielle always has a piccolo grilled vegetable with chicken and extra olive oil. Hope to see you guys soon. Ciao.

Summer Planting Party Sunday March 16th

We will be having our second Summer Planting Party. This one will be scheduled a few weeks earlier than last year so we can get a jump on the tomato plants. It will be Sunday March 16th at 10:00 at Fiore Market Cafe. Bring some work gloves if you have them and a big appetite for lunch after we finish planting all the beds.

Please let me know if you will attend so I can plan accordingly for lunch. Send us an email on Facebook. See you in a few weeks.