Monthly Archives: December 2016

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to everyone from Anne, James and I. We are closed this week for the holidays and for a much needed rest. Thank you all for your support. We celebrated our 6 year of business on December 20th. It’s hard to believe we have been open for that long. It feels like yesterday when we cracked open the door for the first time. Much has changed and many things have remained the same. We opened Fleur last year. It has given us some much needed space. Fleur is warm when the weather turns cold. In the summer when the temps hit 100 degrees Fleur is wonderfully welcome with cold air from the air conditioner working hard to keep the Pilates studio next door bearable. We published two books in the last couple years with our friends Brad and Tim from Peloton. The books contain recipes and stories from the cafe and our travels to Italy. First loaves of bread at Fiore

We have baked bread and more bread. This photo above is of one of the first loaves that we baked before we opened. I always thought that I would bake bread at some point in my life. I didn’t realize I would make this many loaves. As we have gotten busier we have had to increase production. Our tiny kitchen has created many challenges for bread making.

The gardens expended this past year. I hired a gardener, Emily to help me. She’s kept everything green and healthy. I suppose she is the one with the green thumb. Currently the garden is full of beets, Swiss chard, rapini, collard greens and kale. The beets are ready. I’ll harvest them after our break and make a salad  with some goat cheese and blood oranges.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays to all.