Fiore Market Cafe Cookbook


It’s finally done. A big thanks to Brad Roe and Tim Schamber of Peloton Magazine for making it happen. Tim took our photographs, recipes, and stories and created something very unique and special. The book tells our story and gives away some of our secrets.

The book is being printed  and should be ready by December 3rd at the latest. It will be for sale at Fiore Market Cafe and will cost $30 plus tax.

About Bill Disselhorst

I am a bloody Irishman, but a real Italian Wannabe. I'll take Italy over Los Angeles and Dublin any day. Give me a plate of homemade pasta and an espresso with lots of crema and when I am through eating and I'll think I am in heavan. View all posts by Bill Disselhorst

4 responses to “Fiore Market Cafe Cookbook

  • Mert Larsen

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Bill & Anne, I would love to get copies of your new cookbook to give to the Gallagher women in my family for Christmas gifts!  Guessing I would need like 8 copies! When you are ready to ship give me a call.  I will give you my credit card info.  Thanks! So happy for you… FOOD IS LOVE!!!  LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Mert 🙂 Mert Larsen (920)421-1403

  • Susan Al-Saadi

    Hah! Great minds think alike I guess. ^^^ As long as a few copies make their way to Wisconsin, I’m happy. Congratulations Anne and Bill.

  • Michael Watz

    Bill, Anne and I have been friends longer than any of us would care to admit to. When I heard that they completed their cook book I can’t tell you how proud and excited I am for all of their successes.

    As an enticement for the students I teach at culinary school to achieve a perfect attendance score, I will now be offering the Fiore Market Cafe cook book as the reward.

    Continued success and best wishes.


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