A Full House

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I remember as a small boy going out to lunch with my grandmother. She would take us downtown to Marshall Fields. I don’t remember the food much, but I do remember the crowds. I remember the busy restaurant and how good it felt to be in a crowded space with the smell of terrific food wafting through the air. As I grew I was conscious of  busy restaurants and the feelings associated with them. They drew me in.

When Anne and I and the boys made it to Italy we discovered or more accurately were introduced to a small restaurant called La Vecchia Quercia. La Vecchia Quercia was not always busy, but when it was it felt fantastic. Not only did it  have the sensations of a full house and the smells of really good Italian food it had the sounds of Italian being spoken and at times yelled to fill the space and make it even more comfortable. Being there always made me feel like I was home.  I felt good there.

At Fiore Market Cafe, Anne and I never knew what to expect. We knew the space was small. The inside was extremely small with only one large table. The patio had potential. We wanted it to feel comfortable. We wanted the space to be a space where people could hang out and relax. We hoped we would be busy and we are grateful that we are most days, but what I like most is the feeling of the restaurant. I love the fact that so many of the customers are local and are from the neighborhood and more importantly are Fiore regulars. There are too many to name. It brings a smile to my face.

I love a full house especially when it’s full of all our friends.


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