Cookbook November 2014

Anne and I have been working on a Fiore Market Cafe cookbook that we look forward to publishing before the 2014 holiday season. We are doing the cookbook with our friends Brad and Tim from Peloton Magazine. It’s been quite an undertaking.

Thankfully, I have taken thousands of photographs since  August 2010 when we signed the lease with Lissa Reynolds of the Fremont Centre. Going through those photographs has brought back fond memories. The photographs of the first loaves of bread are amazing. The bread looks  dark and almost burnt to me. To think that we have made approximately 55,000 loaves of bread since those photographs were taken is shocking. Each of those loaves has been made by hand. We have never used any machinery for making bread.

The photographs of the patio reveal a very young setting with a very stark garden that has taken four years to mature. It’s strange to see especially now that the garden is full and such a part of Fiore Market Cafe. It was always our plans to have a garden and this garden has grown alongside the growth of the restaurant.

We plan to use a lot of our own photographs and fill in with some new ones that Tim and I take in the next few weeks.

The cookbook will focus on the Fiore Market Cafe recipes, but will have some stories of our adventures in Italy and hopefully a few recipes from some of our wonderful friends that we met while on that adventure.

We will have a few other unique and interesting additions to the cookbook that you don’t normally find in a cookbook, but we will wait to share that.

For now here are a few photographs from the archives.002 (3) 021 First loaves of bread at Fiore 005 (3) 007 (4) 005 (5) 013 Olive bread II 003 024

001 005 tomatoes on the vine more tomatoes

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6 responses to “Cookbook November 2014

  • Gloria Marichalar

    Hi Its me Gloria Marichalar I am so pleased to hear about you working on your cook book. Wonderful idea. I love that i can always count on a good serene place to have lunch or early dinner with a spectacular view of your garden and your Wonderful blessing of Hospitality.I hope you remember me i am the lady that talked to you about The Juice Plus product featuring the Aeroponic Tower Garden. Here is the video about the product itself and i hope you take 11 minutes to watch it..

    here is the link to one of the tower Garden:
    Anne and Bill Have a very blessed day!

  • JC

    When will the cookbook be available? And how do you plan to sell it? Cannot wait to get a copy!!!

  • JC

    Hi Bill,

    I tried the “oatmeal cookie” recipe from page 143 of the cookbook. In the process section, it says “in a separate bowl mix flour and salt”, but in the ingredients section, flour and salt are not listed. I tried the recipe without using flour and salt, and the cookies did not turn out good — they expanded too much, like a sea of scrambled eggs, and cannot hold a shape. So I am wondering whether you missed flour and salt in the ingredients, and if so, what are the quantities of flour and salt that we should use? Thanks!

  • JC

    Hi Bill,

    I made the first bread of my life, using your recipe. My husband (the guy who is always with his computer?) really likes it. Thank you for your recipe!

    Here is the picture:

    I still have one question regarding the recipe. In the beginning of the recipe, you wrote “pre-heat oven to 475 and place a stainless steel pot in the oven for at least an hour before baking.” Is the “steel pot” here the one that we are going to put the dough in to sit for 16 hours?


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