Monthly Archives: May 2014

93 loaves and counting

This past Saturday we baked 93 loaves of bread. It was the first time we baked that many loaves and it was still not enough for the business. We ran out of bread around 4:30pm. When we opened Fiore Market Cafe 34 loaves on a Saturday was a pretty big deal. The guys would moan about having to make that may loaves. Now 34 loaves is a walk in the park. The only day the guys moan now is Friday afternoon when we start to prepare the dough for Saturday. This Friday we will make 102 loaves. Yikes. Each loaf is made by hand so it takes time, but we  have 4 guys making the bread. Last Friday we pumped out the 93 loaves in under an hour. We’ve gotten quick over the last 3 years.



The tomato plans are doing well. I hope to have some ripe tomatoes in about 3 weeks. That seems early to me but I am excited for tomatoes.