Daily Archives: February 25, 2014

Employee Spotlight

Anne and I always get lots of recognition for the food at Fiore Market Cafe. Anne or I have been responsible for creating and implementing the menu. Anne takes care of the pastries and I have taken care of the breads and other items.

Recently we had the opportunity to bring on board a new employee. Her name is Marisa Takenaka. She has been with us since September.


Marisa has created the new pop tarts and donuts that we serve on Mondays and Thursdays. She comes up with all the new and interesting flavors. As you can see by the photographs on Facebook they are amazing. These new items have brought a new exciting, dimension to Fiore Market Cafe. We are so grateful to have Marisa as part of our team.

This past week, Tara Atkinson left Fiore Market Cafe to pursue her music career. Tara has worked for us since August. She was a great employee. She made fantastic sandwiches and brought a big smile to the Fiore kitchen. She will be missed. IMG_2712

Tara left to continue her musical path of playing and teaching the cello. If you are ever looking for a Cello teacher, Tara can help you out. Here is a link to her website https://onlessons.com/instructor/view/xe399940

Marisa as part of our team.