Daily Archives: January 27, 2014

Fiore Farm 2014

Our goal for 2014 is to expand on the Fiore garden by creating a larger Fiore Farm. The purpose of the farm is to provide fresh vegetables for the restaurant, but we envision it to be much more than that. We would like to create on a  smaller scale the edible garden project that Alice Waters created in Berkeley. The Fiore farm would be place where the community could participate.

We have had many of the preschool students walk by our garden on their walks with their teachers. The students love learning about what is growing in the Fiore garden. Their interest is strong and it is very encouraging to see children become excited about vegetables.

The Fiore Farm would be a way to expand on this.

We are looking for a space to create our farm, preferably a vacant lot in full sun with a water source. We would build raised beds and possibly plant small fruit trees in containers. The farm would look very similar to our garden at Fiore Market Cafe. I want it to feel rural. To me there is something special about the feel of a small farm.

If you have any suggestions please email us via Facebook. Here are some photographs I took today at the Fiore garden. Everything looks green and fresh. This winter I’ve had very few bugs eating the leaves. It must be the warm weather.


Apple Blossoms in January


Fava Beans



Purple lettuce



Fennel Frond


Snow Peas


Brussel Sprouts




Fiore Market Cafe