Portrait Series Part I

On December 20th we celebrated 3 years of being in business. During those 3 years we’ve had quite a few employees. I’m amazed because the size of the cafe is so small it’s hard to believe we  have 10 employees working for us. Our current group of employees are  very creative, hard working, passionate and funny. Anne and I are very lucky.

My brother Steve was in town recently and he questioned how the employees got along since they were working in tight quarters. He assumed there would be conflict amongst the employees. Our son James was quick to reply that everyone got along well. It’s true, they do get along well.

On Christmas Eve. I took portraits of the employees who were working. A few did not want to be photographed. A few others were not working. I will take their photograph on a later date.

I think the portraits turned out well.






Jon Lucque








Chloe and Tara



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