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The Fiore Kid


On December 20th Anne and I celebrate 3 years of having Fiore Market Cafe. One of the greatest parts of having opened the cafe has been meeting so many wonderful people. Each person has a little story attached to them and their story is what makes this venture so much fun.

Norma started coming to Fiore Market Cafe shortly after we opened. I remembered Norma because she liked our  lemon bars. Every time she came in she bought or at least  thought about buying a lemon bar. Some time later we met her daughter Lisa, but I am not sure we realized she was Norma’s daughter until we eventually saw them together. At some point Norma’s grandson Zac came into the picture. I don’t know when or how, but I remember that Norma kept talking about her grandson Zac from Dan Point. She mentioned how much he loved our peanut butter and jelly sandwich that it was his favorite and that he wished we had a Fiore Market Cafe closer to his house in Dana Point. Eventually we met Zac and his mother Nancy and Lisa’s son Mac. They would come together when Nancy and Zac were up from Dana Point.

The other day they were in and Zac was happy as could be. He had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich wrapped to take home and a chicken sandwich that he was eating at the cafe. Nancy told a story about their trip up from Dana Point. As they exited the freeway Zac saw a Subway Sandwich Shop and he said to his mother that he couldn’t understand why anybody would go to Subway for a sandwich when Fiore Market Cafe was just down the street.

Wow!!!  Now that’s what I’m talking about. It was so nice to hear that. We are so grateful for Zac and Nancy and Lisa and her son mac and especially for Norma who brought them to our little cafe in South Pasadena.

Here’s to you Zac. Thanks for being one of our best customers. Hope to see you all soon.

IMG_2625Lisa and Nancy


Zac, Norma and Mac

New Garden Shots

I took out one of the beds of basil and planted it with arugula. We are producing lots of compost and it really has helped the garden. It’s amazing how simple it is. Here are a few photographs from today.

December 3rd bread class is full. A new one will be scheduled for January.

New winter hours are in effect. We close at 5pm Monday through Saturday.

We have started to make donuts on Thursday. We’ll have two kinds of donuts this Thursday.












New Winter Hours and New Bread Class Scheduled

With the time change and winter approaching Anne and I have decided to close Fiore Market Cafe at 5pm Monday through Saturday. These new hours will start next week on Monday November 11. As most of you know our dining room is outside on the patio. When it gets dark and cold it is not very comfortable. We will return to 6pm closing in the spring.

We have scheduled our next bread class for Tuesday December 4th. Please click on the classes link for more info. We fill the class, by first come first serve. If you are interested, please stop by the restaurant to sign up and pay for the class.