Daily Archives: August 27, 2013


I have always loved olives and primarily when they are used to make olive oil. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the olive harvest with my oldest son Patrick when we were in Italy. The olives belonged to our friends Stefano and Marvi. We all picked the olives and took them to the cooperative olive mill to have them pressrd. In one long day we had wonderful pure extremely green olive oil. It tasted great. We toasted bread on an electric grill at the olive mill and drizzled the olive oil on the grilled bread. It was the dusted with coarse sea salt. What a treat.

Before Anne and I opened Fiore we purchased a couple of olive trees from a nursery on Fountain in LA. I transferred them to wine barrels and waited for the fruit to appear. The first year we got a good amount of olives. They were green with hints of purple. I harvested them and brined them in salt water. After a few weeks they were ready to eat.

This year the same two trees are full of olives. One of the trees has much larger olives, but both of the trees are full. I am hopeful we’ll have a decent harvest. When the time comes you’re all welcome to come harvest the olives. Maybe we’ll even have a little something to eat.

Here are a few photographs of the olives. The photographs are a bit hazy.