It is the fig season.

Seems like it took forever for the figs to arrive this year.  I thought I had figs much earlier last year.  I remember making fig jam on numerous occasions before the first of August.

The man down the street who sells figs by the side of the road only just the other day set his card table on the sidewalk along with his $4.00 a pint sign. I haven’t purchased his figs yet, but will take the trek  soon for a few baskets. I like the idea of walking to get local figs and then taking them back to Fiore to make Jam .

We have been running a special the last few days with our roast chicken topped with the homemade fig jam and arugula. it’s been a big hit.

Here are a few photographs from the last couple of days.

We’ll have tomato sandwiches tomorrow. and pork belly on Wednesday. May do a pork belly Banh Mi. We’ll see.







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I am a bloody Irishman, but a real Italian Wannabe. I'll take Italy over Los Angeles and Dublin any day. Give me a plate of homemade pasta and an espresso with lots of crema and when I am through eating and I'll think I am in heavan. View all posts by Bill Disselhorst

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