Monthly Archives: June 2013

The first of the 2013 harvest

I harvested the first zucchini today. We’ll use it this week in the piccolo grilled vegetable sandwich. The tomatoes are small, hopefully some will be ready in the next few weeks. Here is another photograph of the flowering artichoke.







What’s new at Fiore Market Cafe

Feels like summer’s here, but we have a few weeks till it’s official. The addition of the raised bed with the basil, chard and tomatoes have brought a sense of summer that we were missing last year. Our goal has always been to create a warm and inviting atmosphere at Fiore Market Cafe. For me that includes an abundance of fruits vegetables and flowers growing in as many places as possible.

I’m still inspired by the farm/garden from the movie The Kids are Alright. There was something about that farm that made me feel real good. I don’t think we are there yet at Fiore Market Cafe, but we’re going to keep trying.

I miss taking photographs. When I had more time I took photographs on a daily basis.  Yesterday at the end of the night right after I watered the garden I took a few photographs. I hope you enjoy them.

June 25th bread class is full. We will schedule one in July.




IMG_1974 IMG_1978