Monthly Archives: May 2013

New bread class scheduled

We have  new bread class scheduled for Tuesday June 25th. Click on the classes link for more information. If you are interested stop by the cafe to sign up and pay for the class. There are 12 spots available.

We had a great bread class this past Tuesday evening with Bob, Bruce, Colette, Claudia, Patty, Tony, Dominique, Lisa, Nonnie, Jayne, Nicolas and Marvin. Thank you guys for participating.


The garden is starting to flourish. I planted two more tomato plants this past week. The basil is is tall and thick. We’ll start to make pesto from it soon. The squash plants have not flowered yet, but I suspect we’ll get some blossoms soon.  I will get some new photographs posted this week.


It’s the 6th of May. The year is starting to pass and by looking at the garden I can see summer coming on strong. The tomatoes we planted on April 7th have doubled and some have tripled in size in just one month. Three artichokes rise above everything else, but the new weathervan secured to a sturdy 4by4. Weathervanes are normally perched on the highest peak of a roof, but I felt like we needed one at Fiore. There is something about the rooster spinning when the wind blows. Reminds me of  home.

Today was our slowest day in awhile. The rains kept everyone  away. I took a few minutes to take photographs. Two new books arrived via UPS, Milk and Honey by Justin Van Hoy and The Art of Sage Vaughn. I hope you have a chance to look at these two great art books. Sage did the cover art for Justin’s book.

Here are a few photographs from today. With the rain we always move around the outdoor furniture. We found a new spot for one of the community table. Jolyn told Anne that it reminds her of France. We like anything Italian or French so I thnk we’ll keep the table there.

Bread class is full for next week.

Got lots of bread for tomorrow. We hope to see you soon.