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Winter’s Here

Winter’s Here

It’s cold outside

but we’re baking bread

hoping for warmer days

When the windows are open

and the sun is straight above

and we’re hiding under umbrellas

complaining that it’s too hot

It sure is cold outside, but when the heat lamps are blazing it’s really not too bad. Remember we have a long oak table that seats 8 or more. So come inside and make some new friends. There’s nothing better than sitting down to a meal at a big long table with friends new and old.

Here are a few photographs from today.














Happy New Years

Happy New Years from Fiore Market Cafe. We wish everyone a prosperous and happy new year. Anne and I are hoping for a warm January. December has been very cold on the Fiore patio, but the heaters have worked well.

I have scheduled two bread classes for January. Please click on the link above for more information. In February we will try a new class. More details to come.


Here are a few photographs from warmer times. It seems like so long ago that we had tomatoes on the vine.tomatoes 2


tomatoes 2


fiore flowers 4


Figs anyone




purple artichoke






sit and rest


First eggplant