Daily Archives: November 20, 2012

Justin Van Hoy

We got some very sad news today. A really good friend of Fiore Market Cafe, Justin Van Hoy passed this past week.  We met Justin and his wife Holly through Sage Vaughn. Justin and Holly came to Fiore often, but Justin came many times with his artist friends. I was always amazed at how many friends Justin had. It seemed like people just wanted to hang out with him.

photo by Gregory Bojorquez

I knew Justin was at Fiore when I would walk through the kitchen and see the bacon cooking. I would think to myself I bet Justin is here and If Anne was nearby I would ask her is Justin here. Justin always ate bacon sandwiches and he always drank a soy lattes. Recently I noticed him eating a roast chicken salad. I was surprised. He said Holly told him he needed to eat some greens. The last time he came to Fiore he ordered a roast chicken salad to go. I was too busy to talk to him much that day, but I thanked him for coming in so much. Over the last three weeks we saw him a lot. He brought his parents in on a Saturday with Holly and he had us cater a lunch party for him.

Anne and I were very fond of Justin. It was comforting to have Justin around. Fiore felt better when Justin and Holly were sitting at the big table having lunch. We will miss him very much.

Justin recently published a fantastic book called Milk and Honey. We will have copies on hand in the restaurant very soon so people can take a look at Justin’s work.