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Sage’s Figs

Sage and his wife Sweet P come to Fiore often. Today Sage surprised us with a white bag of figs from his yard. The darker one is black mission. I’m not sure the name of the green one. When he has a bucket full of figs from the trees I will make a Sage and Sweet P Jam. A limited edition of course.

Got some new local heirloom tomatoes today. They’re really nice. Therefore we will have tomato sandwiches tomorrow. The seitan arrives tomorrow. I will prepare it in the afternoon and have it ready for Friday morning. The Sirachi BBQ sauce that we baste the seitan with is really nice. It’s not to spicy with just the right amount of kick and flavor. It’s totally vegan!!!
There are 2 spots left for Tuesday’s Jam Class.

First Crop of Tomatoes All Gone

The first crop of tomatoes are all but gone. There are a few left but the rest have been eaten mostly by people eating tomato sandwiches. When I was a kid growing up outside Chicago I was introduced to tomato sandwiches by my cousin Dan. He would take two slices of Wonder bread. Spread mayo on both sides and then layer  the bread with thick slices of tomatoes. Then he would sprinkle salt and pepper on the tomatoes. Back then we didn’t have Kosher or sea salt we only used the iodized salt that came in the blue carton. We didn’t know any better. The sandwiches were great. I think our version is a little better. Sorry Dan, but the addition of burratta cheese and Fiore’s homemade pesto adds some great flavor to already great tomatoes.

Pork belly will be on strike this weekend. I know I said we would have pork belly sandwiches with the fig jam, but I changed my mind. We are going vegan for the weekend. We’ll bring back the Sirachi BBQ Seitan sandwiches with the homemade pickles and Asian slaw. It was a big hit the last time we ran it.

Remember we have music on Friday night. Riner will be here playing his jazz guitar.

Onika Pianist/Vocalist/ Accordian player will play Friday the 17th at 6:45pm. Stop by. Her music is very interesting.

Here are a few photographs from the day:

Riner Scivally to play jazz guitar Friday August 10th

Riner will play from 6:30 til about 7:15. He is a local South Pasadenian who we have known since we opened the doors to Fiore. Stop by and listen to his music. We will also have affogato and maybe grilled pizzas.

Here are a few more photographs from the day.

New Stuff

We’ll be closing tomorrow at 6:00pm. Anne’s father passed away last week. The service is tomorrow. Anne will be there all day. I will join her later after we close.

We ran out of pork belly today. No more pork belly until next weekend, but we still have the garden tomato sandwiches  tomorrow. I am working on some house cured black pepper bacon that we’ll use in another sandwich. Hope to have it ready soon.

We are also working on a new drink called the lil’ latte. It’s a smaller version of our iced latte, but it comes served in a cute bottle. Look for it this week.
Here are some photographs from today.

Figs and More Figs

Can’t stop the figs. Made more fig conserve today for the pork belly sandwich. We’ll have pork belly through Saturday.

Tomorrow we’ll have garden tomato sandwiches with burratta cheese and pesto. The tomatoes are from our garden and another local garden. Squash blossoms have bloomed on the yellow zucchini plants. What should we do with the squash blossoms?



Figs Figs and More Figs

It’s that time of year. Figs are in season and if you don’t harvest soon you’ll miss the wonder of a truly great fig. I bought some from Wood Family Figs on Fremont. They are amazing. I brought them back to the restaurant and made a quick conserve with the figs, orange juice, orange zest, some chili from the garden and chopped unsalted pistachios.  A conserve is quicker to make than a jam and the fruit remains whole. It’s perfect for a sandwich. Especially a pork belly sandwich served with the fig conserve and fresh arugula on our homemade bread. We will be running this all week until we run out of pork belly or the figs stop falling from the Wood Family fig tree.



Today’s tomato harvest

We still have space for a few more for the Jam Class on August 14th.