Daily Archives: August 14, 2012

Tomato Sandwiches

Last week I mentioned the story behind the tomato sandwiches. My cousin Dan taught me how to make the tomato sandwich over 35 years ago. Well it turns out, according to his older brother Terry their old man, my uncle, their father Vince taught them  how to make the tomato sandwich. All along I thought Dan was the culinary genius of the Gallagher household, but it turns out it was his Papa. Bravo, Uncle Vince, Bravo. Thanks for the inspiration that found it’s way to our little cafe in South Pasadena.

More tomatoes arrived today. We’ll have tomato sandwiches again tomorrow.

Our first jam class is tomorrow. We do have a full class, but I will make the class flyer available to everyone on Wednesday.

Here are a few photographs from today.