Daily Archives: August 9, 2012

Sage’s Figs

Sage and his wife Sweet P come to Fiore often. Today Sage surprised us with a white bag of figs from his yard. The darker one is black mission. I’m not sure the name of the green one. When he has a bucket full of figs from the trees I will make a Sage and Sweet P Jam. A limited edition of course.

Got some new local heirloom tomatoes today. They’re really nice. Therefore we will have tomato sandwiches tomorrow. The seitan arrives tomorrow. I will prepare it in the afternoon and have it ready for Friday morning. The Sirachi BBQ sauce that we baste the seitan with is really nice. It’s not to spicy with just the right amount of kick and flavor. It’s totally vegan!!!
There are 2 spots left for Tuesday’s Jam Class.