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We had a terrific show last night at Fiore Market Cafe. Hergeto played a 30 minute set. Hergeto is folk group consisting of three members, Piry Chavarin, Katie Spencer and Piry’s friend Martin. Piry works for us at Fiore. Katie is our niece who at one time worked at Fiore. After Hergeto finished Anne’s brother Paul joined Katie for a set of his original music. We will continue having music on the weekend nights. This Friday Riner Scivally will perform from 6:30 til 7:30. Stop on by.

Last night we had Affogatos with homemade vanilla ice cream. We’ll have them again on Friday night.

We have two new conserves on the counter one is Fig, Orange and Garden Chili Pepper . The other is  Yellow Nectarine, Pistachio in a Fruit Tea Syrup. A conserve is similar to a jam, but it is cooked less and the fruit remains whole. It’s great to use on grilled meats such as lamb and pork.  They’re also terrific with cheese.


Here are a few photographs from the day:




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