Daily Archives: June 21, 2012

Farm Life

In the movie The Kids are Alright the character played by  Mark Ruffalo owns a restaurant that is somehow connected to an urban farm. I don’t know if he owns the farm or if he just gets his produce from the farm. I love that urban farm. It reminds me of Italy. It reminds me of gardens of my childhood. It is really cool. My dream is to create a farm like that for Fiore Market Cafe. I don’t know how feasible it is, but for now we will continue to farm as much as we can on the space we have. I took a few photographs today. The tomatoes are starting to ripen. The basil is full and very healthy. The artichokes are soaring for the sky.





I still have a couple of tomato plants if anyone is interested.

On the mobile yelp applications someone said we were shabby chic which we know to be true. I’ve just never heard anyone say it. I took a few photographs of a new (shabby chic) magazine holder. Look what book is peeking out.