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What’s New

Yesterday”s savory black olive, orange and rosemary scone

New jams and jellies from the French Farmhouse and Lemonbird

Pistachio Curd

New French olive oil from the French Farmhouse

New Cards

First artichoke of the year

Polenta Fest is Thursday night. Looks like we are booked. If you are interested check with us on Tuesday to see if we have any cancellations.

Great Bread Class Last Night

We had a great bread class last night with some unexpected excitement. Thanks to Sage, Maria, Joseph, Holly, Justin, Pilar, Benny and Jennifer for attending. Thanks for your help cleaning up.

Polent Fest is Thursday the 24th.

Bread Class Tomorrow


Here is a photograph of our Rustic bread that we make most of our sandwiches on. Tomorrow we will be having a class on how to make this bread. I have 3 spots still open for the class. Please strop by Fiore tomorrow to sign up.

Fiore Market Cafe Rustic Loaf

We are often asked  if we sell our bread. Our answer usually is no because we’re never quite sure how many loaves we need for the day. You can always order a loaf if you call a day in advance. I make the bread dough the day before I bake it. On some days like today I bake too many loaves and  have a few left over at the end of the day. This is a photograph of one of those loaves.

We have three signed up for the Polenta Fest, two for this months bread class.

There is a new vendor at the South Pasadena Farmers Market. They’re an urban farmer form San Gabriel. Their produce is terrific. Here are a few photographs from their booth.

Here is a photographs of some fresh blueberries from a different vendor.

New Fiore Strawberry Balsamic Jam Now Available

Just made a batch of strawberry balsamic jam. I used a 25 year aged balsamic that pours like molasses. The balsamic vinegar adds a swet touch to the flavor and deepens the color nicely.



Polenta Fest is coming May 24th

Finally, I have kept my word. We are planning an Italian style polenta fest for Thursday May 24th. The fest will start at 7pm and end about 10pm. We will serve the polenta on wooden planks Italian style. I first experienced this in 2003 at a friends house in Selci Sabina. It was a fantastic event.  This is the way Italians have eaten polenta for centuries. Stop by the restaurant to sign up. The price is $30 per person.


I have scheduled a bread making class for Tuesday evening May 15 from 7pm til 10pm. If you are interested stop by the restaurant to sign up. The price is $25 per person.


Tomato plants have finally adjusted to their new home and are growing. We have 9 heirloom varieties from Lilly. Should have tomatoes in about 6 weeks. Can’t wait.

There is a new urban farmer at the Farmer’s Market. Their farm is in San Ganriel and they offer some very unique produce. Check them out. Their booth is across from Nicole’s. They also sell plants and seeds. Their market reminds me of something from Italy. It’s very cool.

We have started to offer a savory scone on Saturdays. Last week it was a kalamata olive with fresh oregano topped with course sea salt. It turned out nice.

This past Saturday we baked 45 loaves of bread. Wow.


Here are a few photographs from the past week.