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A couple of photographs from today



New Classes, Prosciutto and Manchego Sandwiches and more

I have scheduled 2 new classes for March. Click on the link for more info.

Today’s featured focaccia sandwich was prosciutto and manchego cheese. It was very tasty.

From now on Mondays will be Carrot Soup Mondays. Todays carrot soup had a bit of pear in it. It was vegetarian with not too much cream.

We are now offering a couple of choices of Zapp’s Potato chips.

Rustic Bread Class Today

We had a terrific bread class today. Thanks to Ken, Susie, Vivian, Greta, Trish, Danielle, Marina, Kelly and Stefanie for participating. I really enjoy the classes because I love to be around people who love food and love to eat. Everyone today sure fit the bill.

Here are a few photographs from earlier today.

New classes will be scheduled soon.




There is always a dish or pot in the sink.



Blueberry scones tomorrow

We have blueberry scones and cinnamon bread tomorrow. We open at 11:00am.

Silas and Pappa Adele

The other day I posted a picture of Zane and his missing tooth. Here is a picture of his brother Silas with their Papa Adele. They are great kids who love their Fiore sweets. They call me baker Bill, but Anne’s the one who bakes all their sweets. Maybe they’ll start calling her baker Annie.


Heat Lamps are Heating up Fiore

Heat lamps are working well. Had them on this early evening. They did a great job warming the patio. Stop by and check them out. We are open till 6pm tomorrow.



A few other photographs from today.

Artichokes are doing well

New red rose plant in the terra cotta pot given to us by our Irish friend Frank.

newly planted tomato seeds

The Atomic Dog?

Caught this pup trying to chow down on our delicious chicken sandwich. Bow wow wow. Yipee yo yipee yea.

The dog’s name is Violet and her owner’s name is  Courtney. Courtney and her sister Rachel were enjoying lunch while Violet simply watched. Sorry Violet no chicken sandwich for you.