Zane’s missing tooth

There are two brothers who have been coming to Fiore since we opened. Their names are Zane and Silas. They come with their parents after school. Most of the time they come with their dad Adele, but sometimes their mom Trisha brings them by.. They are very funny boys. They have started to call me baker Bill. The minute they see me they start yelling “hey baker Bill, hi baker Bill.” They love the sweets that we have at Fiore. I don’t think they realize that Anne bakes all the cupcakes and cookies. Maybe they’ll start to call her Baker Anne.

When they come to Fiore Zane orders a red velvet cupcake. Silas usually orders a chocolate chip cookie, but Silas can refrain and many times doesn’t order anything. That’s not so for Zane. He always, always orders a red velvet cupcake. I don’t think I have ever seen him not order one.

Today while walking back from the farmer’s market I ran into the whole family. I could hear the boys yelling “baker Bill” from 30 yards away. When we met up they told me the news that Zane had lost his first tooth.

Guess what he was eating when that tooth fell from his mouth. You got it a Fiore Market Cafe red velvet cupcake. I was so proud. Here is a picture of Zane with that missing tooth.


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