Winter Garden

Our raised beds need some tender loving care. Most of the vegetables are overgrown and need to be tended. My friends in Italy always say that a winter garden is a winter garden. It’s not very attractive, but what do you expect in the winter. I do know that cauliflower grows very well in the winter. We have a few heads that are half way there. I’ll harvest them in the next few weeks. I pulled the last of the carrots this morning and added them to the carrot soup. There were only a few, but they sure were sweet.

I hope to build another raised bed by Wednesday. Hopefully I’ll have the time. I hope you stop by to check it out. Give me some ideas on what to plant. I plan to start some seedlings soon Ciao for now.



About Bill Disselhorst

I am a bloody Irishman, but a real Italian Wannabe. I'll take Italy over Los Angeles and Dublin any day. Give me a plate of homemade pasta and an espresso with lots of crema and when I am through eating and I'll think I am in heavan. View all posts by Bill Disselhorst

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