Not Enough Bread

We were super busy on Thursday. We ran out of bread at about 2:30. I had baked 17 loaves thinking that would be fine. Normally for a Thursday that would have been enough. So today I baked 22 loaves and we had 4-5 left over. Go figure.

On Thursday a customer got really mad that we had run out of bread. He couldn’t understand how that was possible.

We are committed to baking fresh bread every day. We only make sandwiches on fresh bread. We don’t freeze our bread. We do not use day old bread for sandwiches. We never have and never will. It is something that Anne and I believe strongly about. We apologize for the inconvenience running out of bread causes people. We work very hard to have fresh bread for the whole day.


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One response to “Not Enough Bread

  • NineteenSixteen Bungalow Home

    Bill – I honestly think your bread is some of the best I have ever had in my life. Ive had bread from all around Europe and yours stands up. to them. It is a huge treat to enjoy your bread.

    I think people living in the states here are so used to all types of food at any moment, thanks to these big conglomerate restaurants that abound. While I do enjoy those places too (like for big family events), people should understand you are a mom & pop place making food from your heart.

    I know, it can be disappointing when there is no bread left 🙂 but your menu is extensive enough to find something else great to order. Everything ordered has been incredible and something my family will talk about for days.

    ANNA: that sandwich was soo good yesterday
    DAVE: yah but what if he added XYZ to it?
    ANNA no way, its perfect like it is
    DAVE: yeah it really is.

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