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Great Soup Class Today

We had a terrific soup class today. Thanks to everyone who participated, Vanessa, Michelle, Irene, Shirley, Susie, Donald, Mark, Tim, Danielle, Jinny and Bill. We made vegetable beef soup with beef shank and an assortment of root vegetables. We also made a vegetarian carrot soup with apple and ginger, sweetened with a tiny bit of maple syrup.

I have scheduled a bread class for Sunday February 12th at 9:30. Stop by to sign up.


I took one photograph today. Our Anna Apple Tree is starting to blossom.


Planted seeds on Friday.



Kabocha Squash for the curry squash soup this past week


new flowers

Finally had a few minutes to plants some new flowers.


Patio heaters arrived. Mike put them together. Now we just have to wait for a cool day to use them.


The rain stopped long enough for this photograph.

We had a cold, raining and slow day at Fiore. When the rain stopped and the sun burst out from behind the dark clouds it was quite nice. I took a few photographs of our new bird bath. here is the best of the bunch.

Zane’s missing tooth

There are two brothers who have been coming to Fiore since we opened. Their names are Zane and Silas. They come with their parents after school. Most of the time they come with their dad Adele, but sometimes their mom Trisha brings them by.. They are very funny boys. They have started to call me baker Bill. The minute they see me they start yelling “hey baker Bill, hi baker Bill.” They love the sweets that we have at Fiore. I don’t think they realize that Anne bakes all the cupcakes and cookies. Maybe they’ll start to call her Baker Anne.

When they come to Fiore Zane orders a red velvet cupcake. Silas usually orders a chocolate chip cookie, but Silas can refrain and many times doesn’t order anything. That’s not so for Zane. He always, always orders a red velvet cupcake. I don’t think I have ever seen him not order one.

Today while walking back from the farmer’s market I ran into the whole family. I could hear the boys yelling “baker Bill” from 30 yards away. When we met up they told me the news that Zane had lost his first tooth.

Guess what he was eating when that tooth fell from his mouth. You got it a Fiore Market Cafe red velvet cupcake. I was so proud. Here is a picture of Zane with that missing tooth.

Heaters to arrive by Friday

Our two new heaters are scheduled to arrive by Friday. We’re hoping these heaters will keep the patio nice and cozy. We also added more twinkling likes to the awning and around the roof line. It’s amazing how much additional light they give off.


Some things from today

I’ve been trying to keep up with my photography. It’s really tough. It requires great discipline. These past few weeks I have been disciplined. Hope I can keep it up. I have committed to taking and posting a photograph everyday to flickr for 2012. I did it in 2010, but that was before we opened Fiore.

Working on vegetable beef soup for tomorrow.

Planted new flowers today.

Hope to build a new raised bed tomorrow. See you all soon

Winter Garden

Our raised beds need some tender loving care. Most of the vegetables are overgrown and need to be tended. My friends in Italy always say that a winter garden is a winter garden. It’s not very attractive, but what do you expect in the winter. I do know that cauliflower grows very well in the winter. We have a few heads that are half way there. I’ll harvest them in the next few weeks. I pulled the last of the carrots this morning and added them to the carrot soup. There were only a few, but they sure were sweet.

I hope to build another raised bed by Wednesday. Hopefully I’ll have the time. I hope you stop by to check it out. Give me some ideas on what to plant. I plan to start some seedlings soon Ciao for now.