Daily Archives: December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone. We hope you have a great one.We will be open until 3pm on Saturday Christmas Eve. Cinnamon bread will be available. I am hoping to have some fig jam for those last minute shoppers.

Here are some photographs from this week.

Grazie Tutti

Thanks to everyone for making this week so special. It has been very cold, but everyone is still showing up. Anne and I are so grateful.

Anne told me not to recognize our customers by name on our website because I would leave some people out. I definitely need to recognize Rowan and her mother Marika. We met them  on one of our first days. It has been a complete joy to have them at Fiore Market Cafe. They have brought us tremendous happiness. Anne and I love them like family.

Rowan is very found of everyone at Fiore. When she comes in the door she yells out Tony, Tony. When he comes around the corner her face lights up. She is equally found of his brothers Victor and Leandro. She just has trouble saying their names.