Daily Archives: December 14, 2011

Two Loaves

two loaves left over today.

What should I do with these  two leftover loaves of bread? Normally I’d save one for croutons. If I had more than two I’d drive by Union Station on Raymond and drop them off at the back door. Sometimes I’d set them on the stoop at Saint Andrews Church hoping someone who needs something to eat  gets them.

When we opened Fiore  Market Cafe about a year ago we expected to have left over loaves. In the beginning we had sometimes 5 a day because we were unsure how many to bake on a daily basis. As we have gotten busier we have fewer. Some days we run out. It’s usually a Saturday when we fall short. But, there are still days like yesterday and today when we overestimate and have loaves left on the rack by the end of the day.

Who do you know that could use a loaf of bread?

For 2012 we would like to get our leftover loaves into the hands and ultimately the mouths of people who really need them. Let us know. Send us an email or post a suggestion on our Facebook page.

Mark the date November 20th is our 1st year anniversary at Fiore Market Cafe. Stop by for a mini cupcake. We would love to celebrate with our fantastic customers.