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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone. We hope you have a great one.We will be open until 3pm on Saturday Christmas Eve. Cinnamon bread will be available. I am hoping to have some fig jam for those last minute shoppers.

Here are some photographs from this week.


Grazie Tutti

Thanks to everyone for making this week so special. It has been very cold, but everyone is still showing up. Anne and I are so grateful.

Anne told me not to recognize our customers by name on our website because I would leave some people out. I definitely need to recognize Rowan and her mother Marika. We met them  on one of our first days. It has been a complete joy to have them at Fiore Market Cafe. They have brought us tremendous happiness. Anne and I love them like family.

Rowan is very found of everyone at Fiore. When she comes in the door she yells out Tony, Tony. When he comes around the corner her face lights up. She is equally found of his brothers Victor and Leandro. She just has trouble saying their names.

Fiore Market Cafe Turns One Tuesday December 20th

A year ago Anne and I opened Fiore Market Cafe. It’s been a wild year, filled with long days and wonderful new friends. We are extremely grateful to all our friends and families for their love and support. We couldn’t have done it without them. A year ago tonight I was making my first batch of butternut squash soup with Anne’s sister Clare. As we were getting ready to leave the floor drain overflowed filling the kitchen with water.

I learned a valuable lesson that night. Be careful when you drain the 3-compartment sink. I also learned C’est la vie (That’s life) at least in the restaurant business where anything can go wrong at anytime.

Anne and I are so happy to have met so many wonderful people. It has been the best part of the past year. I don’t think we could have envisioned how this would be. We knew what the restaurant would be like, but we didn’t realize the impact  the people would have on us. It’s hard to explain, but there is something very special about seeing someone visit your restaurant time after time. It  makes you feel really good, kind of like the feeling you get with family. It’s the same feeling I get when I visit my friend’s restaurant in Italy. It’s that feeling of belonging.

Anne and I look forward to 2012. We look forward to meeting many more new people, to having many more friends and to cooking and baking like mad. Grazie mille a tutti. We hope to see you soon.

New January Classes Scheduled

New classes scheduled for January. Click on the classes page for more details. We will be adding a chicken/soup class for January 29th. We do require that students pay in advance for  classes. Please stop by anytime to sign up.

Two Loaves

two loaves left over today.

What should I do with these  two leftover loaves of bread? Normally I’d save one for croutons. If I had more than two I’d drive by Union Station on Raymond and drop them off at the back door. Sometimes I’d set them on the stoop at Saint Andrews Church hoping someone who needs something to eat  gets them.

When we opened Fiore  Market Cafe about a year ago we expected to have left over loaves. In the beginning we had sometimes 5 a day because we were unsure how many to bake on a daily basis. As we have gotten busier we have fewer. Some days we run out. It’s usually a Saturday when we fall short. But, there are still days like yesterday and today when we overestimate and have loaves left on the rack by the end of the day.

Who do you know that could use a loaf of bread?

For 2012 we would like to get our leftover loaves into the hands and ultimately the mouths of people who really need them. Let us know. Send us an email or post a suggestion on our Facebook page.

Mark the date November 20th is our 1st year anniversary at Fiore Market Cafe. Stop by for a mini cupcake. We would love to celebrate with our fantastic customers.

Great Pizza Class Today


Great pizza class today. Thanks to all who attended, Irene, Brian, Kevin, Shirley, Jim, Karen, Jessica, Rich, Michelle, Ying and Jeremy. We featured roasted and grilled vegetables. I think  the roasted fennel and grilled raddicchio turned out terrific. They are two vegetables that most Americans don’t know, but once you try them you get hooked. We also had lots of pepperoni, prosciutto and sopprasetta. We will have new class scheduled after the New Year. We are working on a soup class and I hope to add a jam class too.

Fiore’s first year anniversary is Tuesday December 20th. Come out and celebrate with us. We will have mini cupcakes for the celebration.

I was too busy to take photographs today. Here are a few from a while back.