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Halloween is Coming

Halloween is coming and hopefully some cooler weather. Our hours will change soon. We’ll let you know in the next few days. Sunday October 31st will be our last Sunday that we are open. We will be closed on Sundays, but will continue to host private parties on Sunday. We wioll also start to offer our very popular cooking classes on Sunday morning. Our first one will be Sunday November 13. More details to follow.

Here are a few photos from the last couple of days.


Peace Out From Anne


new photographs

New Photos

I finally got a new lens for my Canon. I don’t know what happened but I must’ve bumped the other lens against something really hard because it was twisted to one side. I feel better. Here are a couple of shots from this evening. Nothing too special. I am kinda fascinated with these funky pumpkins that Anne found at Dogwoods. They look like they could be from Alice in Wonderland.

Hope you enjoy

Working on chicken pot pies for tomorrow since it’s going to rain. Don’t be afraid to stop by just because it rains. I’m bringing the community table inside. It should be great. Ciao.

Antonella’s Party

Our good friend Antonella became a US citizen this week and decided to celebrate at Fiore Market Cafe. We hosted a pizza party for her and all her friends. It was quite an affair. Here are some photographs taken by her friend Rob Takei

Antonella’s Party