Daily Archives: August 18, 2011

First Pizza Making Class

Last night we had our first of many pizza classes. There were 10 students in the class and two of the students, mother and daughter Kathleen and Jennifer O’Connor were in the bread making class the week before.

We made pesto foccacia using the basil from the Fiore garden. We topped the baked foccacia with garden tomatoes, course  sea salt and some good olive oil.

Eveyone made their own pizzas. They rolled them out, grilled them and then topped them with their choice  of ingredients. A few of the ingredients to choose from were: Danish blue cheese, burratta cheese, mozzarella cheese, sopprasetta, pepperoni’s from Rosie’s deli on Lake, slic kalamata olives.

The pizzas tasted fantastic. I do think that Linda’s may have tasted the best. Her crust was really really crisp. All of the pizzas with the pepperoni were great.

We will have another pizza class on Tuesday August 30th. If you would like to sign up send an email to fioremarketcafe@gmail.com

Here are some pictures that Anne Wang took. I hope you enjoy them