Daily Archives: July 23, 2011

Fiore Market Cafe now open 12:00pm til 4:00pm on Sundays

What’s New at the Cafe

I have been using the smaller tomatoes for the last few weeks in soups and salads. Tonight I picked one of the beefsteak tomatoes and served it on the tuna salad sandwich. It was  ripe and juicy, an absolute perfect tomato. I’ve never had great success growing tomatoes until this year. My thumb must be getting greener.

Our newest addition is a second community table. It’s not as big as the butcher block table and not as sturdy, but  has good character and it’s perfect for a family of 6. Anne set it with the white parchment paper and drawing materials. Below is a drawing from few of our regular customers.

Don’t forget cinnamon bread and blackberry scones tomorrow morning.