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Bell’fiori e lemons for lemon bars tomorrow.

Potted some more flowers yesterday. They seem to die quickly or at times get knocked over when I accidentally hit them with my size 12 converse allstars. We move the tables and chairs inside at night so there’s a lot of commotion around the potted plants. I like the way these photographs turned out.

Remember, first bread making class coming soon

Lemons for the lemon bars tomorrow. I didn’t get a chance to do them today.

We’re now offering grab and go sandwiches

Today we featured two new grab and go sandwiches with tomatoes from the garden. We created a grilled eggplant, parmesan reggiano, basil and tomatoes  sandwich. The other sandwich was a tomato with burratta cheese and fresh walnut pesto. We made them on a larger version of our piccolo baguette.

Tomorrow will will offer two more. I am thinking proscuito and parmesan reggiano and maybe the fresh tomatoe, burrata and pesto. Stop by and check them out.

We have the new Red Ribbon Almond Creme Soda.

First Bread Baking Class Scheduled

New photos



know I posted this the other day, but like it too much

Great Sunday

My friend Rob from college came by with his wife, Brenda and their son Riley. It was great to see them. They live in Westchester so we don’t see them that often.

Made olive foccacia today. It turned out real nice. Take a look.

Picture of the making of our fresh asparagus and pea cous cous

For years I prided myself on not drinking coke or pepsi. I simply drank  tons of water. When I was in college I consumed diet coke most of the time. These days I’ve been drinking our new colas. Mr Cola and Nichol Kola. I’ve developed a taste for them especially the Nichol Kola. Here are a few photos:

Cheese Plate for Charles

I made a cheese plate for one of our best customers named Charles. He works nearby and stops at Fiore for his mid afternoon break. Yesterday he asked if I could make him a cheese plate to enjoy with one of our baguettes. Here it is:

What you see here is Toscana pecorino, parmigiana, Danish blue cheese, ssorted olives, homemade white peach jam with blackberries and one of our piccolo baguettes

Fiore Market Cafe now open 12:00pm til 4:00pm on Sundays

What’s New at the Cafe

I have been using the smaller tomatoes for the last few weeks in soups and salads. Tonight I picked one of the beefsteak tomatoes and served it on the tuna salad sandwich. It was  ripe and juicy, an absolute perfect tomato. I’ve never had great success growing tomatoes until this year. My thumb must be getting greener.

Our newest addition is a second community table. It’s not as big as the butcher block table and not as sturdy, but  has good character and it’s perfect for a family of 6. Anne set it with the white parchment paper and drawing materials. Below is a drawing from few of our regular customers.

Don’t forget cinnamon bread and blackberry scones tomorrow morning.