New French Jams, Italian salami and the best pepperonis you’ll find

Anne and I just received a shipment of French Jams. We stock a Provence black fig jam, a black cherry jam and a great artichoke pesto. We have two new French vinegars. One is flavored with herbs d’ Provence the other is a raspberry vinegar. They are both really nice over fresh greens with a little extra virgin olive oil. We also have some new cacciatore salami and the best pepperoni that you’ll find. Stop by to try some of these new items. Ciao.


About Bill Disselhorst

I am a bloody Irishman, but a real Italian Wannabe. I'll take Italy over Los Angeles and Dublin any day. Give me a plate of homemade pasta and an espresso with lots of crema and when I am through eating and I'll think I am in heavan. View all posts by Bill Disselhorst

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