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Sunday at Fiore

We’re not open but we’re still working. Here are a few pictures taken by our son James.



12 loaves for a Saturday in April

More from today





Not taken today, but love the red  on white

Fleur at Fiore?

Of course we have lots of fleur. I bought some today for tomorrows bread. Antonio, Nina and Anthony just finished making the dough for tomorrows bread. Now we wait for 20 hours to bake. Bravo Raggazzi.

My Breakfast, Your Breakfast

My early morning breakfasr, pecorino cheese, apricot jam and grilled rustic bread

Your breakfast, lemon pound cake right out of the oven

Davey and Noah drop by Fiore

My friend Davey Larson and his son Noah stopped by Fiore today. Noah really liked my hat. He kept trying to put it on his head.

I took a few photographs. This one is kinda funny. He’s pointing right at me.

Super Baby Rowan with Mamma Marika, Antonio and Victor


Antonio and Victor are teaching Rowan to say agua. You can tell she is trying to say it in this photograph. Rowan is our favorite baby and we love her mamma Marika too. The baby has fallen for the two brothers who fight over getting to hold her.

Here are a few photographs of Fiore in black and white


A new chunk of sea salt and lavender at dusk

Fiore’s Oasis

Come sit and enjoy your favorite sandwich or maybe a piccolo cappuccino. The tomatoes plants are growing fast. The herbs are very healthy after all our rains.

The canopy is up and we’ve created a little oasis for all your South pasadena folks.




Two new deli salads at Fiore Market Cafe

Spring Cous Cous salad with fresh asparagus and peas tossed with lemon zest in a lemon vinaigrette

Lentil salad with raddicchio, sugared walnuts, fresh goat cheese tossed with our balsamic vinaigrette

The stickiness of the maple community table is gone. It’s been stripped bare. Feels and looks a whole lot better. We still have the sheets of paper for the artists in South Pasadena