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A Sunny Day at Fiore

Belli Fiori

Yesterday’s asparagus soup



The beginning of the Fiore Farm

All of our vegetable scraps go into our compost. I edited this photograph to brighten the colors.

Why not treat your office to a tray of Fiore cupcakes?


Some things from Saturday

The Pudwill Farms Raspberry scones were a big hit. They sold out in a couple of hours.

Asparagus soup with black pepper and shaved Parmesan cheese

A Hipstamatic version of the asparagus soup

My late night dinner when I got home, cold rare roast beef with just homemade pickles and lots of mayonnaise


The Making of the Raspberry Scone

Tomorrow is Scone Saturday.

We’re making raspberry scones. Here are a few photographs from today.









Pudwill Farms Raspberries.

On Fridays and Saturdays we always feature a breakfast pastry. Most of the time it is a fresh berry scone. We always get out berries from Pudwill Farms. Their berries are just amazing. They’re so sweet. I purchased this basket from their stand at the South Pasadena Farmer’s Market. Stop by Saturday morning for  Pudwill Farm’s raspberry scone.

Tomorrow I am baking  a walnut and olive oil pound cake. It’s the first time I have tried this recipe, but I’ve been looking forward to it for a few weeks. They’ll be out of the oven and on the counter by 10:45.

Don’t forget about the raisin cinnamon bread tomorrow.

Here are a few photos from my travels today. Hope you enjoy them.

Anne and I are hooked on the band Mumford and Sons. If you haven’t listened to them check them out. They are really speciale.





San Giuliano Extra Virgin Olive Oil Now Available


San Giuliano Extra Virgin Olive Oil $11.95 half liter bottle

We now have San Giuliano extra virgin olive oil for sale by the half liter for $11.95. Keep the bottle. Refills with are only $8,95.

Here are a few photographs from today.






Rain rain go away.


When will it stop raining???????????????????





Anna Apple Tree


We planted an Anna apple tree today on the patio of Fiore. There was one single apple dangling from a branch, but it fell off while I was pulling the tree from my car. There are quite a few blossoms so we should have more apples soon. I love that the tree is named Anna. Perfetto.