Daily Archives: February 14, 2011


Anne and I have always been into cookbooks. We buy them and read through them like they’re novels. I memorize ingredients. I race through the part of the recipe that describes the steps needed to be taken. I assume I know all that. I imagine the recipe with other ingredients done a bit different.

As the years have gone by cookbooks have become photographic coffee table books. The photographs are amazing. I drool over them. I wish to be able to take photographs like that. I hope to some day be able to cook like that.

We have decided to offer some of our favorite cookbooks for sale. We have an order coming in later in the week. Stop by and take a look at our small collection. Maybe a book will inspire you to try something really special.

Ciao for now and happy Valentine’s Day. Anne is baking extra red velvet cupcakes for tomorrow.


more cookbooks



our new fusti arrived for the water station on Friday. this photograph is not great, but the can sure is.