Daily Archives: February 3, 2011

Hot cocoa on a cool afternoon

One of our regular customers stopped by for hot cocoa and a coconut cupcake. She usually comes once a week, but we hadn’t seen her for a few weeks so it was nice to have her back at the big community table. We make her a  rich hot cocoa with Ghirardelli chocolate chips and two sugar cubes.

Here is a picture of her afternoon sweet.


We had a rather big mishap today. The front glass of the deli case slipped out of it’s track and crashed to the floor breaking into a million pieces. I was in the kitchen prepping bread when the accident occurred. Wow!! What a mess. We should be getting a loaner deli case tomorrow until I can figure out what to do about replacing the glass. Victor, Antonio and Daniel did a tremendous job cleaning up.


Anne baked Chocolate sables and lavender sables today. The lavender ones sold out. She will have more tomorrow.

We also played around with grilled pizza today. We hope to run it as a special soon. We still have some work to do.



Don’t forget Friday and Saturday is cinnamon bread day at Fiore.