Monthly Archives: February 2011

Water Station

We finally set up a water station after 2 months of being open. It’s stocked with glasses and a few pitchers for large parties. Guest will be able to help themselves to water whenever they wish. We purchased a 15 liter fusti to use for the water from Napa Fermentation . I love the look of these stainless steel fustis. They’re great for wine or olive oil. I plan to purchase a few more to use in the restaurant.

Today’s soup was Homemade Vegetable soup with potatoes, turnips, leeks, carrots celery and onions. We just about sold out.

Tomorrow I’m making leek and potato with crispy bacon. Stop by. They say the sun will be shining. It might be a little cool, but that’s OK.

Homemade Pickles

We make our pickles with a few simple ingredients, water, white vinegar, garlic, fresh dill and cucumber. We use Persian cucumbers. We slice the cucumbers on a mandoline. We then combine all the other ingredients and pour the mixture over the pickles. We do not heat the vinegar, salt and water and because of this our pickles stay bright green and  crisp.

If you haven’t had our pickles come by and order the short rib sandwich. We dress the sandwich with two pickle slices.

Here are two pictures from the other day.

Belli Fiori

When I first started my career as a restaurant manager I had an employee who used to ask with a smirk on his face if I stopped to smell the flowers. I guess I was a little intense back then.

Yesterday I walked by this brightly painted yellow building. Along the front side by the sidewalk I noticed these purple roses. I stopped. I smelled them. I took a photograph with my I Phone.

Wow!! The color is amazing.

Have a great day. It’s nice out today. Stop by and have lunch  on the patio. It’s a little cool, but that never stopped the Italians from eating outside.


My Breakfast


This morning I was hungry. Normally I’m not. I can work for hours without eating. I don’t count tasting things as eating. For me eating requires I stop for more than a second and taste and enjoy my food.

This morning I did just that. I grilled a few slices of leftover olive bread on a very hot grill. I topped the slices with cold butter. I waited a few minutes for the butter to melt. I then spread it with Lemon Bird’s  sweet pepper jam. Wow!!!! What a way to start the day. Of course I had to have a couple piccolo cappuccini.


Anne and I have always been into cookbooks. We buy them and read through them like they’re novels. I memorize ingredients. I race through the part of the recipe that describes the steps needed to be taken. I assume I know all that. I imagine the recipe with other ingredients done a bit different.

As the years have gone by cookbooks have become photographic coffee table books. The photographs are amazing. I drool over them. I wish to be able to take photographs like that. I hope to some day be able to cook like that.

We have decided to offer some of our favorite cookbooks for sale. We have an order coming in later in the week. Stop by and take a look at our small collection. Maybe a book will inspire you to try something really special.

Ciao for now and happy Valentine’s Day. Anne is baking extra red velvet cupcakes for tomorrow.


more cookbooks



our new fusti arrived for the water station on Friday. this photograph is not great, but the can sure is.



What exactly is a piccolo sandwich at Fiore Market Cafe?

Well, it’s a small sandwich meant to be eaten as a snack or possibly with a bowl of our homemade soup. It’s made on a small baguette that we bake in house. We dress the bread with olive oil and then build the sandwich. This week we will offer a piccolo roast chicken with sun-dried tomatoes and ricotta cheese.

In the picture above is my favorite a simple prosciutto and butter.

Hot cocoa on a cool afternoon

One of our regular customers stopped by for hot cocoa and a coconut cupcake. She usually comes once a week, but we hadn’t seen her for a few weeks so it was nice to have her back at the big community table. We make her a  rich hot cocoa with Ghirardelli chocolate chips and two sugar cubes.

Here is a picture of her afternoon sweet.


We had a rather big mishap today. The front glass of the deli case slipped out of it’s track and crashed to the floor breaking into a million pieces. I was in the kitchen prepping bread when the accident occurred. Wow!! What a mess. We should be getting a loaner deli case tomorrow until I can figure out what to do about replacing the glass. Victor, Antonio and Daniel did a tremendous job cleaning up.


Anne baked Chocolate sables and lavender sables today. The lavender ones sold out. She will have more tomorrow.

We also played around with grilled pizza today. We hope to run it as a special soon. We still have some work to do.



Don’t forget Friday and Saturday is cinnamon bread day at Fiore.