Daily Archives: January 17, 2011

Fiore’s Olive Harvest

We have two small olive trees. They are planted in two smallish pots outside the front door. We purchased them a few weeks before we opened. When we got the trees they were loaded with green olives. They survived the heavy rains and cold temperatures. Their color changed. In some cases the olives became a very deep purple. Other remained green.

The other day Michael, one of the music teachers from the South Pasadena Music Center stopped by to give me a few olives  he had cured. The olives came from his brother in northern Ca. Michael wrote down the instruction to curing olives on a yellow post it. I put it in my pocket and never went back to it. His instructions were very simple. Place olives in salt water and change the water every two days. After about 8 days taste them. When ready store them in olive oil.

The next day I harvested the olives off our two trees. They filled one of our white soup bowls almost to the top. I made the brine of salt and water and poured it over the olives. Immediately their colors brightened. It must have been the salt. Here are a few pictures of the olives.