Daily Archives: December 31, 2010

Olive Bread



We’re baking olive bread. It’s turning out terrific with a crispy crust and soft interior. The bread is great with some sweet butter or extra virgin olive oil. We sell  jams from Lemon Bird. One is  honey with balsamic vinegar that would go nicely with the olive bread. I will have 4 loaves for sale tomorrow. I will also have 4-6 loaves of raisin-cinnamon bread. When I was a boy my Nanna made bread just like this. It’s  best toasted with sweet butter.

A customer today said we had the best coffee in town. That made me feel good. She had a piccolo cappuccino.

Our first health inspection took place today. We got an A. It was the first one  as the owner. That feels quite a bit different.

We found these  aprons at Restaurant Depot. They match the colors of Fiore. Anne says I look like a Russian immigrant with the beanie. Oh well.

Ciao for now.