Daily Archives: December 23, 2010

We’re Open Yeah

Monday was the big day.

The opening was a bit rough with everything being so new, but we’re having a blast even though the business is a little slow. The heavy rains don’t help much. Tomorrow looks to be sunny and clear. We’ll set the chairs outside and wait for the people.

The short rib sandwich has been a big hit. As had been the roast chicken sandwich. The bread is getting better everyday. Anne’s pastries have been incredible.

We have the best crew in Los Angeles. Antonio, Victor, Leandro and Katie are just amazing. I can’t wait until we get busy. Then it will really get exciting.

Anne has three gift baskets for sale. If you haven’t shopped yet. Stop by.

I am hoping to bake a few loaves of olive bread Christmas Eve morning. They will be for sale at $5.95 each.If you want a loaf of olive bread email me at fioremarketcafe@gmail.com

If I have time I’ll bake some homemade cinnamon bread. We’ll sell it by the slice smeared with butter for $2.00.

Here are some pictures from the last few days.