Daily Archives: December 5, 2010

Fresh Paint

Great news. We passed the health department yesterday. The inspector was great. He looked the place over thoroughly and told me “ok, you are ready to open”. He did ask me to change one light bulb and to fix the door closer to the back door. Other that, he was very satisfied.

I am flooded with a  sense of relief to have that behind us. We now have new pressures, but the health dept was a stress unlike many other.

We got a paint job on Thursday night. My brother -in- law Ray Spencer splashed  vintage green paint on the back wall.  The addition of the color makes everything pop in the restaurant. It couldn’t look better. Anne and I are extremely grateful to Ray and Clare. It was a wonderful treat and a terrific suggestion. Grazie mille.

So many people have helped us with Fiore.  As we get close to opening I will dedicate a post to them. We could not have done this without all of their help. I will guarantee you.  They will be the first  to be fed at Fiore and it will happen before the doors are open to the public. Again Grazie mille.

Here are some new pictures: Have a great weekend.

Newly oiled. It looks much better