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Olive Bread



We’re baking olive bread. It’s turning out terrific with a crispy crust and soft interior. The bread is great with some sweet butter or extra virgin olive oil. We sell  jams from Lemon Bird. One is  honey with balsamic vinegar that would go nicely with the olive bread. I will have 4 loaves for sale tomorrow. I will also have 4-6 loaves of raisin-cinnamon bread. When I was a boy my Nanna made bread just like this. It’s  best toasted with sweet butter.

A customer today said we had the best coffee in town. That made me feel good. She had a piccolo cappuccino.

Our first health inspection took place today. We got an A. It was the first one  as the owner. That feels quite a bit different.

We found these  aprons at Restaurant Depot. They match the colors of Fiore. Anne says I look like a Russian immigrant with the beanie. Oh well.

Ciao for now.

We’re getting into the swing of it

We’re into our second week. The sun is shining. We have a few regular customers. The menu mix is getting established. The short rib sandwich is the biggest seller so far. It’s flying out of the kitchen. We’re also selling lots of the piccolo grilled vegetable sandwich. The deli salads are moving slowly. As are the desserts.

Our espresso drinks are doing well. I am very satisfied with the quality of our espresso from Cafecito Organico. The piccolo cappuccino is a hit.

Our hot teas are superb. They are from Inspiration Teas. We offer a hot black tea called Lil Black Dress. Really good stuff.

Yesterday we began selling our loaves of olive bread and cinnamon bread. We sold out today. We’ll have about 5 loaves of each in the morning when we open.

Thanks for all your support. We appreciate it.

We will be scheduling our first Il Pranzo Sunday Lunch in January. The price will be $25.00 per person. The lunch will be from 12:30pm til 2:30pm. If you are interested in a reservation email me at

Ciao for now.

No Rain Today

Finally a day without rain. It was sunny for only a moment  in the morning before the clouds rolled in. At least they didn’t release another 5 inches of rain. Business was good today. We met some great people. My friends Jim and Will stopped by. Will bought one of Anne’s Christmas gift baskets. She still has two if anyone is interested.

I am baking 4 loaves of olive bread in the morning. They will be for sale for $5.95 and will be available by 10am. If you want me to hold one for you email me at

Stop by early for a slice of cinnamon bread smeared with butter.

Hear are a few pictures from the day.




We’re Open Yeah

Monday was the big day.

The opening was a bit rough with everything being so new, but we’re having a blast even though the business is a little slow. The heavy rains don’t help much. Tomorrow looks to be sunny and clear. We’ll set the chairs outside and wait for the people.

The short rib sandwich has been a big hit. As had been the roast chicken sandwich. The bread is getting better everyday. Anne’s pastries have been incredible.

We have the best crew in Los Angeles. Antonio, Victor, Leandro and Katie are just amazing. I can’t wait until we get busy. Then it will really get exciting.

Anne has three gift baskets for sale. If you haven’t shopped yet. Stop by.

I am hoping to bake a few loaves of olive bread Christmas Eve morning. They will be for sale at $5.95 each.If you want a loaf of olive bread email me at

If I have time I’ll bake some homemade cinnamon bread. We’ll sell it by the slice smeared with butter for $2.00.

Here are some pictures from the last few days.







Monday is almost here


We have been working like crazy. Time is flying by and day by day we are getting prepared. We finished the deli salads today. The cous cous with dried figs, pomegranate seeds and pistachios turned out fantastic. It’s loaded with flavor.

I have been so busy that I haven’t taken any photographs. Completely forgot. Tomorrow I will take some.

Here is a great article about Fiore Market Cafe. Check it out.

Getting Closer

We are getting closer to the opening of Fiore, yet I feel like I have oh so much  to do. Today we stocked the restaurant with China. I think we have  everything. We need to buy silverware and ramekins, but other than that we should be ok. Our new extern Daniel starts tomorrow. On Wednesday our three employees start. The first order of business is to teach them  to pull a perfect espresso. Even the cooks will know how to pull a rich creamy espresso. Here are a few pictures from today.






Red Velvet


Here is a picture of Anne’s Red Velvet Cupcakes. Today was Anne’s first day baking in the Fiore kitchen. Her cupcakes and cookies were amazing. The peanut butter cookies got better as the day went on.