Monthly Archives: November 2010

The new Blackboard


We hung the blackboard/menu board on Saturday. It looks pretty good. Anne wrote Fiore Market Cafe on the top portion. Tomorrow we will  fill in the details. Makes me feel like I am back in school. As she wrote with the colored chalk the screeching from it reminded me so much of the nuns in grade school and the noise they made as they wrote the homework assignments on the board. Do you think they were doing it on purpose?




Coffee Tasting

Patrick, Anne and I went to Cognoscenti in Atwater to have a coffee. Here is what we tried. I always have a Cortado which is a mini cappuccino. Patrick had one with soy milk and Anne had a decaf cappuccino. The blue tint in the photos is from the early morning light reflecting off the marble tables.





Buon Giorno Tutti

Welcome to Fiore Market Cafe. We will get you started with some cool photographs and within a few days we’ll start talking food.


This is the rose hanging down from the trellis right outside the front of Fiore. Pretty Cool.


Working on the perfect espresso.