Bread Making Class

Tuesday July 15, 2014

7:00pm  til 10pm

Learn how to make a great rustic loaf of bread like we do everyday at Fiore Market Cafe.  Also, learn how to make focaccia bread and our very popular baguettes.

Price is $30.00 per person

Includes loaf of bread, light snack and beverages

If you are interested in signing up you must stop by the restaurant to sign up and pay. I can no longer reserve spots by email.

Grilled Pizza Class


Learn how to make great pizza on a simple grill pan in the comfort of you’re own home. You’ll never eat frozen pizza again

Price is $30.00 per person

Includes light snack and beverages and lots and lots of pizza

If you are interested in signing up stop by the restaurant or send me an email at We ask that all students pay in advance.


28 thoughts on “Classes

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  2. Sign me up, please!!!

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  4. I’d love to sign up (me + one more) buy I can’t seem to find your email address! Can you help a gal out? :)

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  8. Re: The Grilled Pizza Class

    The pizza looks so delicious. When are you having another pizza class?
    I would love to attend.
    I shall see you at your magical cafe and gardens during the week.

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  10. Will you be having another rustic bread class in the near future?

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  12. Hi my family of 4 would like to sign up for your coming Sunday bread making class on Jan 08 2012.
    Please email me more detail information of how to register and payment for class. Thank you.

  13. hi bill,
    If you have another roast chicken/soup class in March I would be able to come either the w/e of the 10th or 24th. Thanks!

    holly whitworth

  14. Dear Bill,

    Do you still have room in the class March 25th for Roasting chicken?



  15. I would love to attend the class tomorrow morning! Kinda last minute but I just discovered you offered classes!!

    Is there space for one more?

    Fingers crossed!


  16. Could you email me wbem you are having anotber bread making class?
    Cathy Lemieux

  17. Hello! I’m interested in attending your bread making class, but the date, Sunday, May 15th, 2012 seems to be incorrect…is it the 13th perhaps, Mother’s Day? Or the 20th?

  18. Please notify me by e-mail the date of your next breadmaking class. Thanks!

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  21. Fiore Market Cafe,

    Have you ever thought of opening up a stand at the South Pas farmers market on Thursdays? I think it would be a grand success :-)


  22. I’d like to sign up for the bread making class….please let me know how to register….thank you, Holly

  23. Are you going to have any future bread making class?

  24. Hello Bill,
    It was lovely to meet you and your wife yesterday at Fiore. I had a wonderful time with my friend Christa Lorenz who speaks so highly of you. Is it too late for me to sign up for your bread making class? I’d love to come and have a couple friends who may be interested. Do you have openings?
    Hoping so!


    Jean Grant
    213.327.4412 (cell)

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